Firemanship Conference
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(Fire·man·ship): "The practice, skill and trade of Firefighting"

The 2018 Firemanship Conference will be held in Portland, Oregon from February 26th - March 2nd, 2018.

2018 will see an all-new cast of Speakers and two days of Hands-On Training. We will start Open Registration at the end of July 2017. This year's lecture venue is the Crystal Ballroom in downtown Portland, so we have room for at least 500 Firefighters!

Registration is Open!

Education & Training

This year's Conference will provide several hundred of hours of education and training for more than 700 Firefighters of every rank, from Fire Departments all across the country.

Have you noticed your Fire Department is steadily increasing the amount of required training in topics other than Fire Suppression? Spend a few days with us studying the art of Firefighting and perfecting your craft.


We donate the net profits from the event to Sons of the Flag, a nonprofit organization that provides critical support to military service members, firefighters and civilians who have survived burn injuries. So far we have donated $85,000!

This year we plan do donate much more, and with your help we can keep providing critical funding for burn care across the country.


Whether you want to meet some of the speakers, talk shop or catch up with old friends, your evenings will be full.

Every year we survey the attendees for their feedback, and one of the overwhelming responses what that the evening social events were a huge benefit. We plan to host a social event each night of the Conference this year as well.

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2018 Main Speakers

Andrew Brassard (Milton Fire Dept)- Suburban Rescue Operations

Curt Isakson (Escambia County Fire Rescue)- Gallons Per Second

Aaron Fields (Seattle Fire)- Drilling For Function

Ryan Royal / Bryan Lynch (Colorado Springs Fire)- Practical Ground Ladders

Katie Johnson (PG County Fire), Vincent Muscarella (Buffalo Fire) & Samantha Satterfield (PG County Fire)- Fireground Drills From The Street

JP Dinnell (Navy Seal / Echelon Front)- Extreme Ownership

Paul Capo (Clearwater Fire Rescue)- When Things Go Bad: The Physiology Of Self Preservation

Shannon Stone (Fort Walton Beach Fire)- Nuggets From The Right Seat - Experience Driven Advice

Arthur Ashley (Lexington Fire)- "The Senior Man: He Holds Rank Too"

"Storytellers Sessions" - New for 2018

Kevin Shea (FDNY)

Ted Corporandy (San Francisco Fire Dept)

Tom Ziegler (FDNY)

Lecture Venue

All of the lectures on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be held at the historic Crystal Ballroom in downtown Portland.

The Crystal Ballroom
1332 W. Burnside
Portland, OR 97209


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Paramount Hotel.jpeg

We have reserved a block of room at the Paramount Hotel. They have offered us a discounted rate of $149 (plus tax) for any room.

The Group Code will be on your Registration Confirmation email, or write to and we'll send it again.

There are many other hotel options downtown, and AirBnB is also a good bet for groups.

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2017 Firemanship Conference


Mike Lombardo / Jerry Smith / Jeff Cool / John Butz / Dennis LeGear / Jeff Shupe / Isaac Frazier / Ric Jorge / Omar Avila / Shawn Donovan / Bob Pressler / Rob Brown / Brian Brush

Evening Event Locations

Ringler's Pub / Kell's Irish Pub / The Yard House / Fat Head's / Henry's 12th Street Tavern

Lecture Location

McMenamin's Crystal Ballroom

Supporting Sponsors

Elkhart Brass / 1-800 BoardUp / Key Hose / MES Fire Equipment / ShurSales / Home for Heroes / Shur-way / ParaTech / All Hazards Rescue / Anderson Rescue

HOT Classes

The Nozzle Forward (Aaron Fields)
Mid-rise and High-Rise Fire Attack (Jeff Shupe)
Tactical Extrication (Isaac Frazier)
Tactical Topside Vent (Colin Kelley)
VES/Laddering with a Purpose (Lombardo/Trestrail/Smith/Donovan/Pressler)
The DIY Engine & Gaining Relative Superiority (Gary Lane & Brian Brush)

In 2017 you helped us raise another $40,000 for Sons of the Flag!

2017 Big Check Photo.jpg

2016 Firemanship Conference


Lt. Ray McCormack / Ryan "Birdman" Parrott / Mike Dugan / Aaron Fields / Dennis LeGear / Mark vonAppen / Gabe Angemi / Dan DeGryse

Lecture Location

Portland State University

Evening Event Locations

Yardhouse / PunchBowl Social / Kell's Irish Pub

With your support, we donated $45,000 to Sons of the Flag!

SOTF Logo 2.jpg

Sons of the Flag will receive all of the profits from this year's Firemanship Conference. In the last two years we raised $85,000, and this year we plan to give much more.

  • Mission: The Resource for Burn Survivors.

  • Who We Are: Sons of the Flag is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting military, first responder, and civilian burn survivors by providing funding for innovative research. We bring together passionate community leaders, pioneering physicians, experienced military service members, dedicated first responders and purposeful civilians to complete our mission.

  • Commitment: Sons of the Flag pledges to seek out and support physicians across the nation to perform advanced clinical trials aimed at improving methods in burn surgery.

  • Vision: The ultimate goal of Sons of the Flag is to accelerate the process of testing leading technologies and pushing them into circulation for immediate use. This will aid the recovery and lives of burn survivors across the nation.

Burn survivors tell their stories. Learn how you can help by visiting