All photography provided by Greg Muhr and Jillian Stewart

Fit to fight fire: Belief - Mindset - Performance

The belief of a firefighter is what forms the proper mindset. We believe that our level of fitness will make the difference between life and death for others. Our mindset is built on this belief and is the foundation to excelling on the fire ground. This mindset is further developed through tough conversations regarding our own core values and principles, accountability at home and at work, and consistency on the training and fire grounds. We must have discipline daily, and it must become our lifestyle.

We discuss the training atmosphere that breeds success, and how failure can be valuable when 'practicing how you play.' We also portray what fire ground training should look like and how operating outside the comfort zone leads to positive growth in all areas of your life.

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Tom Johnson is a Truck Company Captain in the Denver Metro Area, and has been a career firefighter for 12 years. He spent two and a half years as an instructor at the Training Academy, and is the cofounder of Fit To Fight Fire.

John Spera started his career 17 years ago in Florida and now works in the Denver Metro Area. He currently holds the position of Fire Medic on a Truck Company after five years as an instructor at the Training Academy. He is the cofounder of Fit To Fight Fire.