All photography provided by Greg Muhr and Jillian Stewart

Developing High performance

Lead Instructors: Ric Jorge & Fit To Fight Fire
Details: This is a 24+ hour class starting Thursday going into Friday. Food will be provided for the duration of the class. Parking on-site is limited, please carpool if possible or use the shuttle bus!
Dates/Times: February 27 AND February 28, 2020.
Price: $380 
Required Equipment: Full turnouts, including helmet and gloves. Bring your own SCBA and spare bottle if able, otherwise they will be provided.
Shuttle Departure: TBD
Location: Laurelhurst Village - 3060 SE Stark St, Portland OR 97124 on the back side of the building access from SE 30th


Course Description: Developing High Performance (DHP) is a class designed to focus on thought processing, reaction, retention, and arousal control. Utilizing techniques developed by the sporting industry, adapted to the military and law enforcement agencies these techniques have been adapted specifically for the fire service in DHP.

Students should come PREPARED as if they are going on shift (pack as if you are going to a new station for a 24 hr shift). Bring FULL ppe, your bedding, change of cloths, plenty of socks and undergarments, medications, and any special needs that you may have. This class is long and the effects will be felt into the next day. Do not make plans for 48 hour after the start of this class. Prior to the class hydrate and get plenty of rest the day before class. Be prepared to go through technological withdrawal. The use of phones/computers/and the like will be strongly regulated. In case of emergency a central contact number will be provided to you so you may pass it along to your significant other/family/wife/kids/or probation officer so they may get in touch with you.

If you want what others don’t have you have to do what others aren’t doing, welcome to DHP.