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LT. Brad Clark Memorial training scholarship

The recipient of this scholarship shall be nominated by a peer, mentor, friend, family member or anyone other than themselves. They shall embody the spirit of Brad through their Faith, Family and Firemanship.

Please share with us how the nominee embodies this spirit, why they deserve this scholarship and how they will use it to ensure Brad’s memory and legacy lives on.

We will select a recipient that Brad would have loved to: introduce to his family; make a push with; fellowship with; serve the community with; and of course drink a beer with.

Brad was scheduled to be one of the main speakers on the big stage and assist with BIB’s Engine Company HOT class at Firemanship Conference Portland 2019.

Brad was very excited to show his continued support for our cause. Unfortunately, we would never get the privilege to hear Brad’s presentation or make the push with him on the drill ground. 

Below is the title and description of the class Brad was so proud to share with all of us. It in itself paints a tremendous picture of the leader Brad was.

 "Rockstars Vs Downers, The War to win The Middle"

 As leaders, we have a natural tendency to focus attention on the high and low performers in our organizations.  When this happens, we often overlook the largest group of firefighters, The Middle. They are waiting to be led, up or down. This class helps to re-direct the focus onto this group, and will enable us to guide those people to success.  Theory, Experience and a combination of both will be illustrated and paired with first hand leadership experience from the military and fire department to provide students with a better platform with which to move forward in helping to motivate co-workers and/or employees to reach for higher levels of performance.

 The following is brief description of Brad from his wife Melanie.

First and foremost, Brad was a devoted husband and father, strong in his Christian faith. He was a patriot and US Army Veteran.

Brad was a firm believer in training and mentoring other firefighters. He was quick to share his knowledge and passion for “perfecting the craft”. Brad was unapologetic about his politically incorrect method of training. He often said TSAFE “This shit ain’t for everybody” when talking about his beloved fire service. His career was more than a job, it was a calling.

During his career Brad was assigned to the training division.  He was the lead instructor for Training Academy #33. He led and trained 28 recruits. As an instructor he developed what is called by his students as, “Clarkisms”. His students kept record of some of his sayings to include:

“Good thing you didn’t melt your face”

“You could be killed or worse”

“ Steam will kill a fire, but it will also burn your ass up”

“My cat’s stuck in a toaster up a tree”

“If you stay ready you ain’t gotta get ready”

“Water hammer makes white shirts shit their pants”

“You’ll wear one of two things at the station: a uniform or a costume“

“I could teach an orangutan to do that and I’m not even a licensed zoo keeper”

“I’d rather manscape with a weed eater than fight a brush fire”

“I’m one of the best trash-talkers this side of the Mississippi. If somebody gives you crap for calling a Mayday, I’ll mess them up with my mouth. Some of y’all are going the other way with that”

“Aaron Fields Nozzle Forward - I got a little man crush on that dude”

Brad was a founding board member and short guy that talks at the 350’ Line, a Richmond based non-profit corporation created to further the education of firefighters across the commonwealth of Virginia. In this role Brad developed and taught training programs impacting thousands of firefighters across the state. The 350 Line is a group of dedicated firemen with a mission of bringing training to the Metro Richmond area to assist in our never-ending journey of “Perfecting the Craft”.

During some of his free time Brad served alongside Moments of Hope Outreach. This ministry provides home cooked meals, canned goods, produce, toiletries, medical attention, bikes, bike repairs, clothing, fellowship, bible study and prayer to 300 plus struggling neighbors in the Richmond and Hanover area. He could be found serving food and fellowshipping with the people who needed these services.

Lastly a quote from Brad:

“Keep Pushing, Stay Motivated, And Don’t Listen to The Mutt’s When They Bark……SEND IT”

Lt. Brad Clark 

Killed in The Line Of Duty, October 11th, 2018 but will Never Be Forgotten

 Lt. Brad Clark Memorial Training Scholarship Specifications

  • The nomination period will be open from August 12, 2019 - September 3, 2019 at midnight. (3 weeks)

  • Nominations shall be emailed to

  • The recipient will be announced prior to or on September 6, 2019.

  • The recipient will receive a full ride scholarship to the Firemanship Conference Portland 2020 to include fully paid registration for lectures, HOT Classes or Workshops with a guaranteed spot in any HOT class or Workshop of choice.

  • Airfare and Lodging for the entirety of the conference will be fully paid.

  • The recipient will receive a no expenses paid Brothers In Battle, LLC HOT Class and Lecture to be hosted at their Fire Department, Training Association or for their FOOLS Chapter in 2020.

  • The recipient will receive a plaque in Brad’s honor on stage at FC PDX 2020 presented by Melanie Clark and members of The 350’ Line.

  • The recipient will receive a FREE FC PDX 2020 swag pack.