All photography provided by Greg Muhr and Jillian Stewart

Keith Stakes & Ray Mccormack: “From UL to You: Interior and Exterior Fire Attack”

As research continues into how fire department interventions affect fire dynamics in structure fires, questions continue to arise on the impact and implications of interior and exterior fire attack on both occupant survivability and firefighter safety. UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute is working to address this knowledge gap by conducting studies with a focus on hose streams and suppression tactics. This presentation will provide an opportunity for Keith Stakes (UL FSRI) in combination with tech panel member Lt. Ray McCormack (FDNY) to present the highlights from the fire suppression studies. Including the technical panel experience in the presentation will allow for the audience to engage directly to gain insight into the results, what it means to them personally, and how it may impact their respective departments. This study is the first of its kind focused solely on the various methods of fire suppression and the potential impact to both victims and firefighters alike. Please bring your questions for the group.


Keith Stakes is a member of the Underwriters Laboratories – Firefighter Safety Research Institute. As a Fire Protection Engineer, he studies the effectiveness of fire service tactics as well as advances in firefighter safety and fireground operations. He has both a Bachelor of Science Degree as well as a Masters of Engineering Degree in Fire Protection Engineering from the University of Maryland. Keith has over 13 years of fire service experience as a firefighter with the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad in Bethesda, Maryland where he currently holds the rank of Fire/Rescue Battalion Chief.

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Ray McCormack: Ray McCormack is a Lieutenant and 38 year veteran of the FDNY. He is a panel member for both the UL Fire Stream Attack Study and Coordinated Fire Attack Study. He delivered the Keynote "True Values of a Firefighter" at FDIC in 2009. He was the co creator of Urban Firefighter Magazine.