"Irons and Ladders"

Lead Instructors: Irons & Ladders Cadre & Brothers in Battle Cadre
Dates/Times: February 28th OR March 1st, 2019. 0800-1700 each day.
Shuttle Departure: 06:30 am from the Paramount Hotel
Details: This class is divided in 2 separated classes each 4 hours long. After lunch you will swap classes. A box lunch will be provided. Shuttles available to site, departures from Paramount Hotel
Required Equipment: Full turnouts, including helmet, firefighting gloves
Location: Silverton Training Center - 819 Railway St, Silverton, OR 97381


Course Description (Ladders): Ground ladder work commonly takes place on flat drill ground against a brick wall which doesn't always allow for some of the key elements needed to fine tune your ladder skills. Participants will focus on practical techniques to improve your "rig to target" approach. Participants will work with ladder packages, ladder carries with tools, techniques for ladder rescues and throwing to multiple targets with one ladder. Scenarios will have some realistic target heights and commonly found obstacles on the fire ground. This is a physical four hours covering a lot of information. Having a basic ladder competency will be very helpful before taking this class.
Course Description (Irons): This 4 hour course is designed to help you develop the skills and good habits necessary to master the craft of forcible entry with some of our most traditional, tried and true tools of the trade. When lives are on the line and seconds count are you confident in your ability to use these tools proficiently? Is it bevel to door or bevel to jamb? Are there multiple locks? Is your partner stretching the line and you’re at the door by yourself? The class is taught by experienced FF’s using the best props available that closely mimic many real world forcible entry challenges. We also use displays and laminated pictures of actual challenges that will help lead discussions that will be reinforced with plenty of hands on repetitions.