All photography provided by Greg Muhr and Jillian Stewart

Five Alarm Leadership

Lead Instructors: John Salka
Date/Time: February 27th, 2020 08:00 - 17:00 or February 28th, 2020 08:00 - 17:00
Shuttle Departure: TBD
Details: This is a 4 hour workshop that will be held together with Scott Thompson’s workshop “The Functional Fire Company”. You’ll also receive a signed copy of Chief John Salka’s book: “Five Alarm Leadership: from the Firehouse to the Fireground”. Lunch will be provided
Price: $259 ($190 for the Workshop + $69.00 for 2 signed books “Five Alarm Leadership: from the Firehouse to the Fireground” AND “The Functional Fire Company: Positioning Small groups for Success and Survival”)
Required Equipment: This class is lecture-based, no turnouts or SCBA required.
Location: TBD
Description: Five Alarm Leadership is a dynamic program that is designed to energize and motivate the people in your department to perform and excel in everything they do. This program outlines many of the common situations that fire departments and fire companies find themselves in and presents suggestions and solutions to those situations. Chief Salka, a 33 year veteran of the FDNY has experienced many of the challenges and hurdles that your fire department is facing. He has learned through his experience as a lieutenant, captain and chief how to treat people, how to motivate them and even how to discipline them so that they want to come back for more. Issues such as integrity, inspiration, interest, innovation, insight  and initiative are all discussed and applied to life in the firehouse and on the fireground. Join chief Salka as he guides you through your most difficult but vital role as a leader in the fire service.