"Firefighter Survival: No One is Better at Rescuing You, Than You"

Lead Instructor: the Randy Carpenter Memorial Firefighter Survival, Search & Rescue School Cadre
Dates/Time: February 28th OR March 1st, 2019 08:00 - 17:00
Shuttle Departure: 06:45 am from the Paramount Hotel
Details: A box lunch will be provided. Shuttles available to site, departures from Paramount Hotel
Required Equipment: Full turnouts, including helmet and gloves. Bring your own SCBA and spare bottle if able, otherwise they will be provided.
Location: Cornelius Fire Station - 1311 N Barlow St, Cornelius, OR 97113


Course Description: The Randy Carpenter Memorial  Firefighter Survival course is intended to reduce the number of firefighters killed or injured while performing their duties on the fire ground. It is an 8-hour class delivered by the Randy Carpenter Firefighter Search, Survival, and Rescue School.  

The Firefighter Survival course was developed in the continuing effort to reduce the number of firefighter injuries and fatalities that occur on an annual basis. This course will supply you with a greater understanding of the need for situational awareness, firefighter survival skills, and the technical survival skills to help you avoid committing fatal errors on the fire ground.  Avoiding situations that could cause you to become lost, trapped, or injured is the best way to prevent tragedies at a fire scene. The Randy Carpenter Memorial Firefighter Survival course will aid in preventing firefighter emergencies by teaching personnel to be resourceful when facing dangerous situations.

During this class, you will gain a greater understanding of fire fighter survival terminology, developing a survival attitude, increasing situational awareness, and being trained in problem-solving techniques so you can become more self-reliant in an emergency. Case studies will be reviewed to outline factors common in many line-of-duty deaths (LODDs) across the nation. You must effectively complete the class in its entirety to receive a course completion certificate.