The Firemanship Conference is coordinated by a group of volunteers, none of whom are given a salary or compensation for their time. Our operations are managed by Cody and Andrea Trestrail, and the Executive Board of the First Whip F.O.O.L.S.: Greg LeDoux, Jill Fullerton, Matt Chandler, Robbie Hendrikx and Michael Snodgrass, along with several other volunteers.

The First Whip F.O.O.L.S. are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organized to provide education and training to Firefighters in and around the Portland Metro area. The Conference is organized and managed by the Executive Board and members of the First Whip F.O.O.L.S. as an extension of their mission.

Financial Accountability

We spend a lot of time making sure your donations and registration fees are spent in ways that would make you proud. It's important to us that anyone with a question about how we spend your money is given a fast, accurate reply.

Our two main goals are to provide a great week of education and training for Firefighters from across the country, and use the proceeds to support burn survivors and research to advance the field of burn care. We negotiate discounts on hotel rooms, facility rentals and other fees in order to maximize the amount of money we donate after the Conference. Another way we keep our expenses low is to ask for donated products and services to raffle during the Conference. We will provide the organization's financial documents upon written request to

We finished paying the expenses for the 2016 Conference in March, and were able to donate $45,000 to Sons of the Flag. We held back several thousand dollars in reserve to prepay expenses for the 2017 Conference.

After the 2017 Conference, we donated another $40,000 and held back several thousand dollars as seed money for 2018.

2018 proved to be our most successful year and we were able to donate $90,000 to Sons of the Flag and $10,000 to an additional charity, Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance. As in years past, several thousand dollars were reserved to continue our mission for the Firemanship Conference in 2019.

Please contact us with questions, and we welcome advice on how to keep improving your Firemanship Conference.