Frequently Asked Questions


Can I modify my registration?

Yes. Click the link at the bottom of your confirmation email to login to your account. Once you're logged in, you can select options to modify your contact info or registration status. Call or email Matt Fullerton with questions: or call (503) 756-3522.

Can somebody else come to the Conference in my place?

Yes, but you need to update your registration info. Click the link in your confirmation email to log in to your Account. Edit the name, email and phone number fields to replace your name with the name of the person who will be attending.

What's the Cancellation Policy?

You can cancel any registration for a full refund until January 28th, 2018. After January 28th, there will be no more refunds for any charges related to the Conference. This fee is due to the difficulty we have maintaining HOT Class levels in the final weeks leading up to the Conference.

Why was my card was just charged again for $31.50 or $35.00?

Due to a glitch in the registration system, some people who signed up between 10:00AM and 10:41AM were charged the wrong price for the Lectures. The second charge is to correct the purchase price (The Lecture Series costs $350.00 with no HOT Classes, and $315 with two HOT Classes).

Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience, please contact us with questions.

When I signed up, the "Total" wasn't correct. What's up?

We identified a couple issues with the automatic pricing system. We will manually go through every one of the registrations between 10:00AM and 10:41AM to make sure everyone is charged the correct amount. Some people were charged less for the Lectures, and will have their credit card charges modified to reflect the right amount.

If you signed up for the Lectures and two days of HOT Classes, your total should be $630.00 (not including any raffle tickets).

Why was I was forced to sign up for a Friday Waiting List?

We fixed that issue too, it should have only affected the first 130 registrants. You will be removed from the waiting lists, as any HOT Class you wanted to sign up for was still open at that time.

I'm registering more than 4 people. Can I just use a Purchase Order?

Yes. Once you add 5 or more Attendees to the registration system, the "Billing Information" page will have an option to select "Purchase Order" instead of paying with a credit card. We will contact you directly to setup payment.