All photography provided by Greg Muhr and Jillian Stewart

Eric Hankins: “Quick Drills for the Driver/Operator”

The role of the driver/operator is arguably one of the most important functions on the fireground. From safe transportation to and from the emergency scene to operating an engine or ladder truck at the scene of a multi-alarm fire, a competent and proficient driver/operator is critical to the overall success of the operation. This interactive class includes several quick drills that can be done at the firehouse or in the response district. They range from 10-minute fireground hydraulic drills to complex troubleshooting of a fire pump, how and when to short-jack a tower ladder, and positioning aerial master streams without personnel in the bucket. These drills go over several topics students can take back to share with their fire departments.

Eric Hankins is a 27 year veteran of the Fire Service. For the last 19 years, he has been at the Yuba City Fire Department in Northern CA where he is currently an Interim Battalion Chief on the "A" shift. Eric is an instructor with On Scene Training Associates LLC and an adjunct instructor with the Yuba College Regional Fire Academy. Eric has a diverse background working for several departments ranging from small, single person engine companies to larger municipal departments running 3 and 4 person crews.

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