"Handling Elevator Rescue"

Lead Instructor: Michael Dragonetti from Dragon Rescue Management and Josh Materi
Dates/Time: February 28th & March 1st, 2019, 08:30 - 16:30
Shuttle departure:
Details: This can be a two (2) day class OR a one (1) day Lecture only Class.  If you take the Friday HOT you NEED to attend the Thursday lecture. 
Thursday: (42 spots) A dynamic PowerPoint presentation accompanied by realistic elevator props/equipment. The combination of the picture filled PowerPoint program and state-of-the-art props, built from actual elevator parts, enable the presenter to bring the elevator to the classroom. 
Friday: (only 15 spots available) Incorporates a rope demonstration (geared to setting up a “fall arrest system”), hands-on training performing victim removals w/ the elevator stuck between floors, manually lowering a hydraulic elevator and the use of door keys/pick tools. A box lunch will be provided. Shuttles available to site, departures from Paramount Hotel
Required Equipment: Long Pants, Helmet, Gloves, eye protection, Class II or Class III harness, Boots (no shorts  or tennis shoes)
Location: Thursday - Marriott Portland - Alberta Room, 550 SW Oak St, Portland
Friday - 3 locations, students will receive information on Thursday


Course Description: This course is designed for the trained professionals that respond to emergencies involving stalled elevators. Emergency personnel with inadequate training in “Handling Elevator Emergencies” are exposed to an increased risk of injury or death to both the victim and themselves. This comprehensive course will provide the emergency responder with intensive classroom and hands-on training on how to safely and effectively remove passengers from stalled elevators. Basic procedures will be covered in this program.
Topics include: nomenclature, safety, how an elevator functions, construction, elevator safety devices, possible equipment needed, initial response steps, restarting a stalled elevator, lock/out – tag/out procedures, elevator doors, use of hoistway door keys/pick tools, poling, removal of passengers from stalled elevators, manually lowering a hydraulic elevator.