"Developing High Performance"

Lead Instructors: Ric Jorge & Fit To Fight Fire members John Spera & Tom Johnson
Details: A box lunch will be provided. Shuttles available to site, departures from Paramount Hotel
Dates/Times: February 28th OR March 1st, 2019.
Required Equipment: Full turnouts, including helmet and gloves. Bring your own SCBA and spare bottle if able, otherwise they will be provided.
Location: TBD
Course Description: This is a HOT class with a lecture component that will teach the students how to manage physical and mental stress through a range of skills and techniques. The class will include physical training in many forms to provide the student a reality based environment. The goal is to build a more resilient firefighter both mentally and physically.

Mental Toughness is consistently regarded as the foundation that sets one human apart from another. Olympians, Special Forces, Police, and even Youth Athletes are intentionally training their mental toughness so they can perform at optimal levels. Even with the proven benefits of this style of training, the American Fire Service generally disregards the importance of Mental Toughness and instead states “We’ll figure it out when we get there.” This attitude and approach has severe and even possibly catastrophic consequences. Specifically training for Mental Toughness will guide students through three basic tenets that can be trained and honed through diligent practice to optimize fireground performance.

Attention, Focus and Aurousal Control

Attendees can expect to be challenged, inspired, and given the tools needed to consistently work on their mental approach to the job. This class will be a combination of classroom and HOT, with the majority being hands on training to help each student maximize their potential leading to their highest level of performance on the fire scene, in the firehouse and even in day-to-day life!