The House On the Hill.  “Topography Challenged Residential Fire Tactics” 

We all know and love the job. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this description!  Day after day, drill after drill, it finally leads to the fireground.  There’s row homes, single families, duplexes, quads, and apartment buildings.  The story doesn’t change much wether you’re east or west coast for the most part the basics of the job remain the same!  Until the challenge is comes at you!  

You’re simple two story single family with a big yard and quiet wide street is now build on a hillside!  A steep one at that!  The two stories in the front transverses to four or five in the rear!  The wide suburban street is now a tight steep hill with cars parked on both sides.  The hydrant is 300 ft down at the bottom of the hill and you have a fire in the “Sub-basement that doesn’t have access! 

Is the house “Built-In or Built-out” in its presentation? What about the must do 360?  How do we position the rigs to best function in that environment?  Does your department have a basement fire procedure?  Are your apparatus specced to perform?  Do you truly have half of a tank of water or will the grade impact your tank?  Do you have a way to escape if there isn’t a ground ladder?

All good questions that many have contributed hard work to finding what works for their district! Many of the tips, photos, and stories have come from coast to coast.  We’ll share those tactics and more in a laid back discussion about

“The House On the Hill”

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Lt. DAN DOYLE works for the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire. He is assigned Engine Company 10 “Hill District” Dan is 26 year student of the fire service and is proudly working as a Lieutenant with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire. He is a Senior Instructor with Traditions Training LLC. and has been a hands-on Instructor/Lecturer at FDIC since 2010.