All photography provided by Greg Muhr and Jillian Stewart

Colin Kelley & Mark Carcamo: “From the Rig to the Roof”

The importance of roof operations extends far beyond the physical act of vertical ventilation. Although arguably the most important reason for going “topside”, vertical ventilation is only one half of the total value of a company on the roof. Generating “lift” of the “neutral plane” and “leaning” out the fire in the interest of locating and facilitating a safer, faster knockdown is job number one of the roof team. However, the information an experienced roof company can provide for the overall stabilization of the incident can help the I.C. make an intelligent “guess” for a “go/ no go” decision. The value in the information relayed to the interior companies, as well as the incident commander, can truly lend itself to FF life safety and incident stabilization. The roof team, often times, has a global view of the structure and can provide critical information like construction type and overall span of said construction, specifically when dealing with lightweight versus conventional and any associated fire involvement and heavy loads being supported. They are often the first ones to obtain a C‐side view of the rear of the structure.

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 Colin Kelley is a 18 year fireman for the Clark County Fire Dept (Las Vegas, NV). Colin currently works on the busy east side of Las Vegas. Colin has spent his career training to have his shit together so that when the alarm drops, he can arrive and make things better, not worse! Colin values risk in the support of his brothers on the inside. Colin loves his profession and believes all firefighters should be well trained, highly motivated and possess an operation for the work that we carry out at the scenes of our emergencies. Colin instructs around the country on intelligently aggressive roof operations in support of the attack, especially when dealing with pre-engineered construction. Support your local Engine company! Cut holes and throw ladders!You can reach Colin at or through the website or on Facebook ... "

Mark Carcamo is a 33.5 year veteran of the Los Angeles City Fire Department and is an 18 year Apparatus Operator (A/O) on Truck 11 in the Westlake / MacArthur park neighborhood of L.A. Mark has spent his entire career working on trucks in the busiest parts of the city. Mark instructs many different topics including Truck Co. Placement  emphasizing Aerial Operations, FF Safety & Survival, and roof operations for the LAFD. Mark’s duties as an Apparatus Operator are to drive, spot the truck and operate the aerial, as well as run the ventilation operation once topside. Mark is a member of the "Dirty Half Dozen". Mark is also one of the founding members of the West Coast Offense. In short, Mark is a highly experienced, grumpy, old truck driver who doesn't agree with the saying "we'll figure it out when we get there".  If you care about being good at your profession then you shouldn't either. Mark can be reached at

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