"The war to win the middle”

As leaders, we have a natural tendency to focus attention on the high and low performers in our organizations.  When this happens, we often overlook the largest group of firefighters, The Middle. They are waiting to be lead, up or down. This class helps to re-direct the focus onto that group, and will enable us to guide those people to success.  Theory, Experience and a combination of both will be illustrated and paired with first hand leadership experience from the military and fire department to provide students with a better platform with which to move forward in helping to motivate co-workers and/or employees to reach for higher levels of performance.

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BRAD CLARK, Hanover Fire-EMS.  13 years in the fire service.  Prior career in the US Army. Served as a squad leader and acting platoon sergeant.  Fire department assignments in Operations and Training division.  Served as a lead instructor for recruit academy.  Virginia State Fire Instructor II, and a member/instructor with the 350' line training group.  Had the privilege of presenting this program at Andy Frederick's Training Days 2017, Art of Firemanship Days 2018 & Wichita HOT 2018