“LODD Data, Not Drama”

A look at how social media as well as fire service training articles have negatively influenced our mindset regarding firefighter line of duty deaths.  This presentation will build your proper understanding of our fatality information with the basics of determining an official LODD as well as giving you a better understanding of the seldom explained details in the yearly LODD reports. Examples will include how the fatality data is skewed when compared to the details from the investigation reports and how these details are neglected, sometimes purposefully, in our training. Audience participation will be key as we discuss what needs to be done to make our fatality data “statistically relevant.”  Additional discussion will look at the role social media plays into understanding our fatalities and efforts to reduce them as well as how this affects discussions regarding strategy and tactics.

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BILL CAREY is the online news manager for the Clarion
Fire and Rescue Group, specifically FirefighterNation.com and
FireRescue Magazine, as well as Fire Engineering, Fire EMS Blogs, Wildland Firefighter.com and High-Rise Operations.com. He is a former volunteer lieutenant with the Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department in Prince George's County, Md.