"Brothers In Battle VES: Beyond the Door"

Lead Instructors: Bob Pressler, Mike Lombardo, Jerry Smith, Brothers in Battle cadre
Details: 10.5 hours, either Thursday or Friday. A box lunch will be provided. Shuttles available to site, departures from Paramount Hotel
Required Equipment: Full turnouts. Bring your own SCBA and spare bottle if able, otherwise they will be provided.
Dates/Times: February 28th OR March 1st, 2019 0800-1830
Location: TBD
Course Description: Beyond the door is not just speaking about physically searching beyond the door but thinking outside the "check boxes" that have consumed most VES training. 

We will use experience, statistics and tempo to occupy the spaces where victims are most likely to be found and put THEM first! 

Real world scenario’s will reinforce basic VES skills and when, why, or how to move beyond these limitations. Some situations include: what to do if there is no door to control, can multiple FF's perform VES, do conditions allow us to continue the search beyond the door, how to deal with access / egress problems, and large victim removal issues.