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Uncle Arty as he is known among family and friends served the FDNY for 32 years. He planned to go 37 but a severe back injury forced him out at the age of 60. He spent 20 years as a fireman on Ladder 119 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Arty responded to the 9-11 terrorist attacks on The World Trade Center as the Chauffeur on Ladder 110. Upon arrival, he and his crew ascended in the North Tower (Tower 2, the first one hit). They made it to the 21stfloor before they were told to descend. On the 18thfloor, Uncle Arty came across a female that could not continue on. He carried her down and out of the building barely clearing the collapse zone as the second tower fell.  He is considered to be one of only 54 Fireman to have been in the towers and survived the events of The World Trade Center on 9-11. Two months after the terror attacks on the Trade Center, Uncle Arty was one of the first responders to the American Airlines flight 587 crash in the Rockaways Queens where 260 perished. In October of 2004, Arty Riccio was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and assigned to Engine Company 311 in Queens (The Swamp Dogs) where he stayed until his retirement in 2015.