All photography provided by Greg Muhr and Jillian Stewart

Advancing your peer support skills: Motivational Interviewing - Addressing Ambivalence and Internal Motivation

Lead Instructors: Daniel Degryse, Lt. Andrew Kane, Elizabeth Munis
from the Rosecrance Florian Program
Details: 8.5 hour class on Friday February 28th, 2020. This class is ONLY offered on Friday. There are no prerequisites for this workshop. Only 30 spots available Lunch will be provided.
Price: $190
Dates/Times: February 28th, 2020  08:00 - 17:30
Location: TBD
Course Description: Whether someone is struggling with a substance use disorder and/or mental health disorder it is important to know that recovery is possible.  What is also important is that in order for an individual to achieve recovery and mental wellness he/she has to take the first steps.  These first steps and the path may be difficult due to a person’s ambivalence and lack of internal motivation.  Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a technique you can utilize to address these and assist the person in progressing in his/her recovery.

 Learning objectives:
1)      Learn the origin and history of motivational interviewing
2)      Gain an understanding of what makes this approach successful
3)      Practice techniques that can be utilized to achieve more effective response
4)      Discuss and understand the components which are the basis for this technique